Rapunzel...let down your hair!
Rapunzel is made from a mix of clay chosen for its strength and colour. Her face and body have been painted with genesis paint. She is built over a wire armature, which runs through into each finger. Her nightdress is fabric, lace and ribbon, made by me and is removable. She can be displayed with or without it. Rapunzel is about 10" tall. Her base is wood and has been sculpted in clay by me, and is approximately 13" tall and 15" at its widest points (between the two ends of the walls). It has been painted in artist quality acrylic paints and sealed. She is cured to manufacturers specifications. Her hair is a light blonde synthetic hair. The skulls and other accessories are made by myself from polymer clay and painted with genesis paints. She is removable from her base; her chain can be unclipped from the wall.
The base is removable for safe shipping. She is One Of A Kind.
Price: GBP £950.00